Love Spell To Dominate Your Husband

I know you are reading this because you are a woman who would like to dominate the man you love. This possessiveness has a lot to do with jealousy and with the desire and need to control the desires and views of the man who turns your heart. Whether to cast this spell to dominate or not is another story that I am not willing to tell now. All I can say is that if you a woman who wants to be on top of your man – making you to become the driver of the relationship, this powerful spell that works is yours.

This is how you should do this spell

Take the insoles of the left foot of all your boyfriend’s shoes, write their name under them. Take the insoles of the right foot of all your shoes and write your name under them. A drastic variation of this spell mandates that you write your boyfriend’s name on the soles of a pair of old shoes that you have and that you will not use them anymore. Once you have done that, ties the two with seven reels of black linen and bury them in a corner of wall or fence.

Your man will never do anything without consulting you

They say that neither the boyfriend nor the future husband can breathe without the authorization of the woman who did this spell to dominate . If by chance they separate, unearth the shoes and cut the linen. Otherwise, you will never be free of that person. woman, isn’t this what you want? A man who will respect you and listen to you in all aspects.

A man who will obey you and dance to every tune that you sing. Do not just dream about it. you can now make it happen by casting a powerful spell that works fast. Contact me now if you have questions and concerns regarding this spell to dominate .